Mastitis AGAIN = Savoy Cabbage

I actually got Mastitis a second time, I think my antibiotic course ended too soon and the infection returned full throttle within a week.

For all the greatness that the Breastfeeding Network can offer, the best advice actually came from the mother of a friend from the stables.  This was Savoy Cabbage.  Funny enough I had heard that some kind of vegetable was supposed to be able to help before.  Having been through mastitis twice in one month, having not used cabbage and having used cabbage, I can without hesitation recommend WITH cabbage.  I should add this was accompanied by another course of antibiotics.

Perhaps, its a placebo effect, or just the cold from the fridge, but I felt better.  Cooking the cabbage in my bra was perhaps not my finest hours, however, desperate times call for good old wives tales, that I come to respect more and more.  It did slow my milk supply once the mastitis had started to improve, but this was welcome at that moment.  For best results, my experience is below;

Technical – Place cabbage leaves in bra.  If mastitis is severe, leave until cooked (or hot and floppy) and replace as frequently as required.  I would also recommend sleeping with it in bra.  Constantly should not be necessary for longer than a couple of days.  After that I still slept with them for a few more days, this was to try to stop engorgement throughout the night, but during the day I did 2-4 hours on and 2-4 hours off.  Then I played it by ear, as and when.  In the meantime, I continued to breastfeed as much as possible! 

The first time, not using cabbage, I fed, hand and pump expressed, massaged, poked, and generally tried everything in the book.

The second time, I fed and used cabbage only.

Yeah for savoy cabbage!!!

This bottom image is one I discovered when searching for cabbage images and I just loved it!


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