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Press Coverage of ‘Big Latch On’

In the Lancaster Guardian on 21.08.13

entitled ‘Breast is Best At Global Event’

Morning TV – Breastfeeding Debates

This Morning – About a women who breastfed in a swimming pool.

Well, actually,  at the side of a swimming before she got in. The debate continued via facebook and twitter, I added my two cents.  The fact there there are debates about any breastfeeding, is, if I pause for a moment……bonkers!  However, the facts remain and the fight continues.  Regardless of whether one agrees or not, the overall tone was negative, with the usual phrase “I support breastfeeding ‘BUT’..” Personally I have never taken the kids to our local public swimming pools as, I have my hygiene demands, however, I do not see breastfeeding there any less hygienic, than letting them swim in it and swallow water, get in their eyes etc.  I talk about this in my fb post, copied below.  What needs to be considered is not the feeding and comforting of babies in inappropriate places, it is the inappropriate places for our young, for is not procreation the purpose of living creatures, and therefore, why is our society not geared up for that as a priority!















Lorraine – A women who still breastfeeds all 3 of her children, 5 years old and under.

This mother was primarily criticised for making mothers who ‘can’t breastfeed’ feel bad, and that it is not necessary for her to do so particularly nutritionally.  I think she made her points and stood her ground well.  Interestingly, her main argument was the pressure on mothers to stop breastfeeding!  Valid, as I can only agree that with all of the advocacy, time and often money to begin breastfeeding, the pressure of society, workforce, often even family and friends to stop breastfeeding.  All of the effort that mother and baby must put in to finally achieve ‘breastfeeding bliss’ and then shortly after follows “right enough of that now”!

A New Hampshire mother’s fight to breast-feed – America

In America News Article

Though laws allow mothers to pump milk while at work, actual breast-feeding is not protected

Reading the comments is as interesting as the article!

Maternity Bra

Breastfeeding bra’s are quite often I think, boring!  My new size and the need for easy access without underwire seems all too frequently too much to ask.

I have found a couple of places, where I have managed to combine comfort, function and great looking bras.  ASOS is one of them and another is

‘Fashion World’.  They stock changes fairly frequently so its worth checking now and again.


ASOS Maternity Wear

If you want some great maternity clothes, and not break the bank, I recommend ASOS!  In fact even if your not pregnant I still think they’re great!

I discovered them way to late in my second pregnancy but still made good use of them.

It is so good to treat yourself when your feeling heavy and frumpy and they offer a massive selection or great trendy maternity clothes.

ASOS Maternity Wear


Fantastic Breastfeeding Shoot!

A big thank you to some special mums and babies for modelling.

A great shoot with few times model for me, the lovely Katie and George.  It was good to see you, and I can’t believe how much George has grown!  Thanks so much.

And the beautiful Katie and Brodie, thank you so much for a grand shoot and chat!

Woman Offers Gay Parents Breastfeeding Service

Could wet nursing make a come back in Western Society?

Sky News reports; Woman Offers Gay Parents Breastfeeding Service


















The frustrating thing about this is actually that it appeared under the subtitle of ‘STRANGE’! (On the website once you click on it, it moves to ‘world’).  Oh and I think £87 is super cheap!

NUK Breastfeeding Calendar

‘NUK Breastfeeding Calendar By MAPA GmbH’
















Link to app

This is a breastfeeding app.

Now I absolutely oppose the mechanicalisation of breastfeeding!  I consider myself a women who feeds on demand, whilst employing common sense.  However, the unfortunate circumstance of the modern world is run by a clock.  Since our early days we have been taught and conditioned to run on a timescale and particular routine, this is difficult to shake.  However, this app actually helped me to forget time.  The time became irrelevant as I had no need to try and remember it, because I knew if I needed to know it was there.  I wasn’t religious about it, I often just put an entry in for the rough time.

Pros – easy to use, can record all you need ie time and boob side, you have a record of you babies habits, a sense of achievement having a record of all your hard work.

Cons – crashes fairly frequently with lots of use, some irrelevant bits and bobs, no ‘alternative boob’ option for expressing which would have been useful when weaning and expressing for baby rice/porridge.

It might not be for you but was certainly interesting to see the graph of how the feeds settled down, and significant events such as colds and travel.

What post baby bodies really look like.

taken from ‘Mamamia, what’s everyone talking about? by Nicky Champ’

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