Breastfeeding Shoot with Birsen

Thank you ever so much to Birsen and her girls for a lovely photo shoot and chat.


These Dads Are Going Above And Beyond To Support Breastfeeding

Project Breastfeeding by Hector Cruz



Project Breastfeeding Promo by from Kalli Pavon on Vimeo.



Think You Know Breastfeeding?

Today we set up the exhibition for ‘Think You Know Breastfeeding?”


Think you know breastfeeding?
Exploring breastfeeding theories, representations and practices.

Think you know breastfeeding is a series of events centred on women and breastfeeding – exploring the theories, representations and practices of and around breastfeeding. Think you know breastfeeding presents ongoing research around breastfeeding carried out at Lancaster University and showcases breastfeeding-related art.

Come and find us in the Campus in the City space next to the COSTA coffee shop at St Nicholas Arcades!

Breastfeeding/child-friendly space.

Programme 5-8th March 2014
Kim J. Vermeulen – exhibition of photographs from “Envisioning Motherhood” and “Breastfeeding Mothers” projects.
MythBust(er) – come and see our breast cast with peekaboo(b) myths. Check what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to breastfeeding.
Get it off your chest! a special ‘clothes line’ to air all your breastfeeding peeves and problems out. Write it, hang it, get it sorted!
Share your breastfeeding story. Come and do an interview or pop in to arrange a time!

5th of March, Wednesday (10-4)
10-12 Drop-in Session with a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
10 – 11:15 Myth Buster Session with a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
1:00 Talk & discussion: “Breastfeeding as Work” Lula Mecinska, Lancaster University

6th of March, Thursday (10-4)
10-12 Session with a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
12-1 Talk & discussion: “Whose milk is this anyway?” Amy Calvert, Lancaster University
1-3 Myth Buster Session with a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

7th of March, Friday (10-4)
1-1:30 Guest Demonstration: Sandra Lively, Midwife Lactation Consultant, RLI “What’s in breastmilk?” with a Q&A
1-2:45 Myth Buster Session with a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

8th of March, Saturday (11-3)
Final day of the exhibition.
12:30-2 Session with a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter (consultations in EN and PL)
2:30 Closing mini-event.

On the contributors:
We are a group of women interested in breastfeeding academically, professionally and personally. To us this is an opportunity to share ongoing research, curate and present art related to breastfeeding, but also to listen and talk to women about breastfeeding, to support them, and share the skill and knowledge of breastfeeding.
Amy Calvert BA Media and Cultural Studies & English Lit, MA student Gender and Women Studies & Sociology Lancaster University
Tatiana Lazoryk-Wegrzyn BA Psychology, Qualified Breastfeeding Supporter
Holly Longton BA CYP & Applied Social Science, Qualified Breastfeeding Supporter
Lula Mecinska BA English and Cultural and Media Studies, MA Society and Culture, MA English Studies, PhD Student Sociology Lancaster University
Kim J Vermeulen MA Photography, Professional photographer

Exhibit Aims To Normalize Breastfeeding – in America

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This exhibition took place in America.  The great thing about it was that it was able to raise money towards breastfeeding support.

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