Adrian Warrell

This is a project untaken with the help of Adrian Warrell, an Historical Interpreter and friend.

I have know Adrian for over 15 years and always fascinated in the treasure trove that is his home. One can look about the room, the normal things exist,  but then there are the shields, swords, helmets, roman armour and shoes, medieval boots, military boots, saxon boots, boats, flags and standards.  I most distinctly remember from one of my first visits a draw full of glasses covering every period since glasses began.  Adrian’s trade was a Blacksmith making Armour, from which he is semi-retired, causing much disappointment to historical interpreters and re-enactors.  I know for a fact that people appropriated from his bin and consider still that their most prized piece.

Adrian is a real life Mr Benn.  He slots into the period attire as if plucked from the very time, throughout my time knowing him I could not say to which he is best suited.

As the project progressed I realised that actually my interest lay with Adrian himself rather than the history that he recreated.  And so I undertook a series of environmental portraits of him in his home, a labyrinth of wealth to discover even a secret passage.  He has very specifically designed his house in order to hold the normal daily things one requires for living, however, for every period Iron Age to modern day!


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