MA Project – Breastfeeding – Barriers

 Addressing the issues surrounding breastfeeding I wanted to look at our preconceptions and therefore barriers to breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding advocacy and campaigns focus targeting individual mothers decisions, I believe that this is ineffective.  This is because mothers generally know the benefits of breastfeeding, therefore repackaging the same information they are already aware of is a waste of resources.  The breastfeedig initiation rate stands at 74% (Department of Health, 2012), therefore the majority of women want to breastfeed, this means that there are other factors that bring the exclusivity feeding rate down so low so quick.

Barriers to breastfeeding do not only lie with individual mothers involving technical difficulties but enter into a wider social context.

For example, returning to work, status, primitive, stereotyping, sexuality, economic, prudery, science, religion, age, class etc.

These images are a reflection of those barriers, with the hope of questioning are social and cultural understanding of breastfeeding.

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