Baby Friendly and Beyond Conference

Monday 12th November

My large breastfeeding image featured at this conference.

I was glad to get the opportunity to show this image again.  Best of all within the relevant circles such as this, this repetition I hope will begin to get attention.  And therefore their consideration.


“The Journey to Baby Friendly and Beyond” – it was very interesting to be learn of the measures taken by the authorities to understand and encourage healthy infant feeding practices.

Professor Helen Ball, Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, Anthropology, Durham University, UK.  Professor Ball gave an extremely informative and interesting presentation, referring to wider cultural practices and understandings.

“Tackling Unsafe Sleep In Infants” – This was fascinating although I did not anticipate the difficulty I would have emotionally and found myself gripping my own 2 week newborn tighter and tighter.  It also made me even more so paranoid, however, at least I was left with a more educated paranoia.

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