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It was interesting to experience the breastfeeding network support first hand.  I am fortunate in that I live in an area where the Breastfeeding Network is well funded.  I received weekly visits and not to mention gift incentives, which I don’t mind saying were welcome.  They were a nice treat for a mother when all the attention is so much on the new baby, yet you are feeding every two hours, up all night, swollen and sore, being covered in puke, poop and wee and repeat…

If you remain open to the guidance and help, it is invaluable.  Indeed I required both, my interest and research in breastfeeding and experience of having done it before makes me by no means a practical expert or even competent.  It was difficult.  My advantage was knowing that it was possible to come out the other side and worth it.

The main difficulty is translating their knowledge into your own action.  Reading it, being shown it with a doll and knitted boob, seeing pictures still cannot substitute the visual reality of breastfeeding.  However, the best piece of advice I think that I was given this time was, to remember, every baby is different.  Lavinia never opened her mouth in the way required, by which point I had already forgotten my own advice and morals of an over technicalised approach, it was a peer supporter who had to remind me to pull out of this panic.

I have  turned to the breastfeeding network several times and helped through.  Having someone to turn to and reassure you, at this vulnerable time,  really is half of the battle.  It is only a shame that this peer support does not come naturally in the form of  established surrounding society.

Thanks BfN

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