MAINN Conference: Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Bio-Cultural Perspectives

I attended Tuesday 11th June 2013

I presented in the poster session:

Thank you all for the positive feedback and useful ideas on taking my work further.  I listened to some inspirational and interesting sessions.

– Professor Pat Hoddinott: Breastfeeding, behaviour change and incentives.

– H Morgan, G Thomson, N Crossland, P Hoddinott, F Dykes on behalf of the BIBS research team (UK)  Mother and baby groups as research grant co-applicants for a study on incentives for breastfeeding: opportunities and challenges.

– S Ahlqvist-Bjorkroth, J Vaarno, A Kaljonen, H Raiha, H Lagstrom (Finland)  The association of mothers’ and father’ postnatal marital satisfaction and depressive symptoms with the breastfeeding duration.

– V Zuccolo, D Bick, S Cowley (UK)  Women’s decisions and experiences about infant feeding – a longitudinal qualitative study.

– Lorna Hartwell and Phyll Buchanan: ‘Being mother-centred’: what does it mean?

– L Hartwell, P Buchanan (UK) All practitioners working with new mothers aim to achieve mother-centred care but what does it mean, and how do we know when it has been received?

– C Bartle (New Zealand) Pump fiction: manufacturing demand or meeting a need and do breast pumps really help the majority of women to breastfeed for longer?

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