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This is a breastfeeding app.

Now I absolutely oppose the mechanicalisation of breastfeeding!  I consider myself a women who feeds on demand, whilst employing common sense.  However, the unfortunate circumstance of the modern world is run by a clock.  Since our early days we have been taught and conditioned to run on a timescale and particular routine, this is difficult to shake.  However, this app actually helped me to forget time.  The time became irrelevant as I had no need to try and remember it, because I knew if I needed to know it was there.  I wasn’t religious about it, I often just put an entry in for the rough time.

Pros – easy to use, can record all you need ie time and boob side, you have a record of you babies habits, a sense of achievement having a record of all your hard work.

Cons – crashes fairly frequently with lots of use, some irrelevant bits and bobs, no ‘alternative boob’ option for expressing which would have been useful when weaning and expressing for baby rice/porridge.

It might not be for you but was certainly interesting to see the graph of how the feeds settled down, and significant events such as colds and travel.

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