Morning TV – Breastfeeding Debates

This Morning – About a women who breastfed in a swimming pool.

Well, actually,  at the side of a swimming before she got in. The debate continued via facebook and twitter, I added my two cents.  The fact there there are debates about any breastfeeding, is, if I pause for a moment……bonkers!  However, the facts remain and the fight continues.  Regardless of whether one agrees or not, the overall tone was negative, with the usual phrase “I support breastfeeding ‘BUT’..” Personally I have never taken the kids to our local public swimming pools as, I have my hygiene demands, however, I do not see breastfeeding there any less hygienic, than letting them swim in it and swallow water, get in their eyes etc.  I talk about this in my fb post, copied below.  What needs to be considered is not the feeding and comforting of babies in inappropriate places, it is the inappropriate places for our young, for is not procreation the purpose of living creatures, and therefore, why is our society not geared up for that as a priority!















Lorraine – A women who still breastfeeds all 3 of her children, 5 years old and under.

This mother was primarily criticised for making mothers who ‘can’t breastfeed’ feel bad, and that it is not necessary for her to do so particularly nutritionally.  I think she made her points and stood her ground well.  Interestingly, her main argument was the pressure on mothers to stop breastfeeding!  Valid, as I can only agree that with all of the advocacy, time and often money to begin breastfeeding, the pressure of society, workforce, often even family and friends to stop breastfeeding.  All of the effort that mother and baby must put in to finally achieve ‘breastfeeding bliss’ and then shortly after follows “right enough of that now”!

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